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RiggingCalc has been updated to reflect the new ANSI/ASSP A10.48-2023 standard.   Click here to get your copy.  Please contact info@riggingcalc.com if you have any questions or comments.   Thanks for being a RiggingCalc customer!

Welcome to the premier Construction Plan Generator for the wireless industry!  RiggingCalc requires a subscription but trial Subscriptions are available with limited functionality.  Click on the “Learn More” button for information on subscriptions and to view the many benefits of using RiggingCalc.  If you have already registered as a user, you will see the option to subscribe when you log in.  For more information contact info@riggingcalc.com or 877.RIG.CALC

Check out our new force calculator on the web or for Apple and Android devices.  Just go to the app stores and search “RiggingCalc”.


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