RiggingCalc is an online rigging plan generator for the tower industry. It combines rigging forces calculations and equipment verification to produce ANSI/ASSE A10.48 compliant rigging plans faster and with greater accuracy.

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Benefits of RiggingCalc

  • RiggingCalc is the only rigging plan generator accepted by all major tower owners including Crown Castle.
  • RiggingCalc provides a consistent format for all rigging plan submittals allowing for efficient training and review.
  • Crown requires written Class 1 Rigging Plan Deliverable.  RiggingCalc has worked with Crown to generate the new one page Rigging Plan Deliverable when Class 1 is selected and Crown Castle is the tower owner
  • RiggingCalc is web based so you always have access to the most current version.
  • User specific equipment and personnel databases.  Enter the information once and it is available from dropdown fields for quick input in the future.
  • RiggingCalc is the only force calculator that has all four A10.48 ANSI/ASSE typical rigging configurations.
  • RiggingCalc is the only force calculator that allows for 2-parting the load and the inclusion of friction.
  • Rigging Plans are saved to your online account; you always have access to them.
  • Forms and tools for lifts requiring gin poles, helicopters, and cranes.
  • Training videos and tool tips for plan completion, code references, and guidance.
  • Access to RiggingCalc support at 877.RIG.CALC and info@riggingcalc.com.

RiggingCalc Subscriptions

Individual Account – (Single user)* $500 / Yr
Company Account – (First 5 user accounts)** $1,000 / Yr
Company Account – (Add’l user accounts) $100 Ea / Yr

* Individual subscriptions are not transferable.
** Company users accounts must have the same domain. Company user accounts are transferable within the company.

For additional information contact 1.877.RIG.CALC or info@riggingcalc.com.

Once you register as an individual user you will have access to the payment section.